Cindy Training

    I’m Cindy Landolt, Personal Trainer in Zurich (Switzerland).


    I am providing 1:1 personal training services at my Gym Centurion Club Zürich, around Lake Zurich and at your home as well as online personal training consultations via webcam and email.

    I offer personal fitness training for women and men of every age and fitness level. We will create a program that guides you through every stage and step along the way to achieving your goals.

    I can help you with weight loss, fat reduction, muscle gain, rehabilitation training pre and post natal training, nutrition planning and I keep you motivated throughout your workouts with me.

    With only a few clicks of the mouse you’ll be taking the first steps on your journey towards improved fitness, overall wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle.

    It would be my pleasure to design a unique personal training program geared to your needs and to personally help you to see it through to fruition.

    I’m mainly available for one to one personal training services around Lake Zurich, although I can also offer program design and advice in all areas via Online Consultation.

    I look forward to your email.  Contact »