Cardio Training for weight loss?..


Use those Calories, don’t just burn them!

With the recent popularity explosion in the sports/fitness industry I am often confronted by the paradox of calorie burning for calorie burnings sake!

I read countless blogs and training programs where people are trying to burn off the calories that they’ve just consumed, or remove their excess bodyfat by


12 thoughts on “Cardio Training for weight loss?..

  1. J says:

    Very well said. People believe, a lot of them, that cardio is what is needed to loose weight which is totally misleading. Cardio is great for the cardiovascular system.
    Bottom line: the more muscle tone one has on their body will let them burn more calories at rest.
    I tell people; you must use weight resistance exercise to get the body you desire……

  2. justin venes says:

    Great blog, simple and so true, if only weight lifting was better promoted and understood for its massive benefits :)

  3. Mario says:

    Last year I lost lots of weight mostly by running alone. At my peak, I was running 30 miles (~48.28 Km) per week. However there came a point where I was not losing any more weight. I had stopped lifting and my sole exercise was running. Now I do both. I am lifting to get stronger. I only do 6 lifts: squats, bench press, grip work, deadlift, shoulder press, pullups. I still run. At present, I run 20 miles per week and, little by little, I’m working toward more. I really hate all kinds of cardio, but running has proven to be the best and only way for me to lose weight after all else had failed. Hopefully, as I put on more muscle mass from my lifting, I won’t have to run so much.

    • Cindy Landolt says:

      Congratulations!.. Yes running is an excellent form of overall conditioning, but as you discovered it too has a very real limit when it comes to the complete package.
      I must also commend your choice of weight training exercises, you really have hit the ‘Royal Flush’ with your choices.
      Now pay very careful attention to your nutrition AND be sure that you don’t overtrain!
      If you need further assistance, please contact me directly for an online consultation and lets see if we can’t get you to break through into new ground!

      Cindy x

  4. Martin Ryan says:

    Thanks so much for writing this article Cindy. I think I have this conversation with someone at least once a day. They see that you’re in shape and when discussing why I mention all the same things you did. Of course they then get upset because they work “so hard” trying to burn calories doing cardio. They write off their failure to achieve the look they want to bad genetics or (amazingly) still not doing enough cardio.

    Now that I’ve posted your article to my facebook wall perhaps I’ll get a little more traction in these conversations. I’m not impressed by many people but your combination of health, intelligence and eloquence I have rarely (if ever) seen.

    Question: Do you translate your own articles to English?

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