5 thoughts on “Easter Gallery

  1. Pascal Cabon says:

    Dear Cindy,

    Thanks again for these lovely pics of ur sculptural body ! i love it in all aspects like ur abs ur thighs ur chicks all strong and powerful.


  2. Frank Ramos says:

    Love, Love, Love, LOVE IT!! This gallery is sensual yet fun, sexy yet playful… It has to be the shoes they give it a naughty and nice vibe haha. You are just such a stunning woman, I suppose I should stop being amazed by you but you keep blowing mind away again and again… I mean very few woman can invoke such strength, sensuality, beauty, elegance, grace, intelligence with such a wonderful sense of humor, personality and joy for life that I see in your eyes with every selfie you take ;-)… What I’m trying to say in a very long winded way is that you are a Brilliant Woman in every facet of the word.

    My apologies for always writing these long messages of gibberish but you’re so easy to compliment because it’s all true and it’s Easter so “Do on to others as you would have done to you” <3 ;-))

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