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Summary of my Free Downloads and a new Bentley gallery!..

Hello Everyone :-) I have created a small Summary Overview for all of you to see my FREE Downloads. Click HERE to get to all my FREE Training Tips and Workout routines I will shortly be updating it with a brand new article in response to the successful Q&A sessions on my Facebook page, so […]

Blue Underwear Gallery

Hello to all of my training partners! I hope you are having a great weekend! Did you know that you can download FREE Cindy Training – training and nutrition advice? Just click below to receive my latest downloads SIX FOR SIZE 10 DO’S AND DON’TS FOR BASIC TRAINING NUTRITION I will shortly publish a new […]

Cindy Camp Flash Back

How fast the time goes by! It has already been 4 months since the official end of the “Cindy-Camp: Fit in 100 days”. It was great! Click on the link below to get to the last unseen images. We also changed roles for once and Roman trained me…it was hard, of course ;-) We’re still […]

Train with a Spotter

TRAIN WITH A SPOTTER The role of the spotter is ONLY to help present the lifter with the weight in it’s correct position, and prevent injury should the lifter tire and no longer be able to control the weight. Too often I see spotters lifting the weight for the trainee, I’m often puzzled… CLICK HERE […]

Getting the odds in your favour

GETTING THE ODDS IN YOUR FAVOUR – OPTIMIZING YOUR TIME The most consistant mistake I see when people send me their current workout programs is the sheer volume of training that they do. I nearly always have to advise my trainees… CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE


Cheat days.. WHO are you cheating? When it comes to your diet, the word consistency is paramount! It’s the single biggest factor in achieving your aims, put simply, you are what you eat. This is usually the area that I question first when people tell me about their programs and their lifestyle, which on the […]