Posts by others



Posts by others…

Thank you for all your Images, Drawings and Illustrations and for making me smile.

Have a great weekend!

Lots of Love,


6 thoughts on “Posts by others

  1. Frank Ramos says:

    These are all amazing, they make me wish I was more creative… super cool! You definitely are an inspiration to people!

  2. Noswal says:

    Hey Cindy, love the ‘posts by others’!!! :-)

    I think my favorite is the BDSM one, that outfit is terrific-you ought to get one made up like it!!. I havnt seen that one before!!!

    Have fun

    Boobling Nos

    • Cindy Landolt says:

      Thank you Honey, I’m happy you loved the posts by others…I really like them too and I’ll keep collecting :-)
      You too, kisses! xoxo Cindy

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