Cindy Landolt is Switzerland’s Premier Personal trainer and owner of Zurich’s most exclusive gym the Centurion Club.

As a trainer with more than 15 years experience working with clients ranging from people simply wanting to get into their best shape, to Film Stars preparing for roles and Professional Sportspeople looking to get the edge required to make them winners in their field, Cindy’s vast experience and knowledge base ensures that you get on the ‘right track’ from the very beginning!

Beyond her direct training role, Cindy also created the Worlds first FREE ‘Live Training’ stream, using 6 Cameras in Full HD to coach people all over the World in perfect training form, as well as publishing a Newsletter to over 70,000 individuals, providing them with free training and nutrition information, and access to her many E-Books.

Cindy is a regular contributor to Magazines, Newspapers and TV all across Europe, the UK and Australia as well as playing host to over 1.5 Million followers via her Social Media profiles.

Cindy has made it her mission to provide freely as much training and nutrition information as possible, to as many people as she can reach, whilst focusing solely on the most effective training methods known throughout the world.


  • Nordic Walking Instructor
  • Fitness-Instructor with federal specialized document of identification
  • Back Trainer & Coach
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Rehabilitation Coach
  • Workout-Trainer & Coach Kinesis
  • Weight loss Trainer
  • Specialist for sports specific activities and competitions

Cindy trains professional Sports personalities in Combat Sports, Boxing/Kickboxing, Cycling, Marathon runners, Professional Footballers and Bodybuilders as well as Hollywood actors and Singers.

Cindy offers an extensive range of opportunities for women and men of every age and fitness level, creating programs that guide you through each stage and step along the way to achieving your goals.

Cindy provides her training and nutrition knowledge for Weight control, Fat reduction, Muscle gain, Rehabilitation training, physical strengthening after an Operation, endurance training, Nutrition planning, Pregnancy training and post natal shape up training.

Intensive 3 month training programs are also available, preparing you for your summer holiday, or Intensive Wedding preparation for the dress of your dreams!

I hope you enjoy clicking through my Website and if you require more information about my personal training, travelling or have any related questions, please feel free to contact me HERE.


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Andrew Elias Goudie (Canada)

“I have been using Cindy’s Muscle Mass Routine for the past 3 months and have developed more power, size and strength then ever before in my many years in and out of the gym. I have tried approximately half a dozen routines in my time and all ended in a stalemate. When I first seen the routine I doubted it, after 3 months I can testify to increasing my overall strength 35 to 40%. My squat went from 245 lbs to 405 lbs and I don’t know where it will end.”

Andrew Elias Goudie (Canada) / Muscle Mass Routine, Student


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Carlos Rodriguez, 35 (Brazil)

“I’ve been following your mass gain routine for a month, and the benefit I’ve noticed the most is the breaking of personal records every session. I was stuck for months (even years) in several load plateaus, specially for shoulder press and deadlift, and finally I’ve broken these plateaus. I feel much more motivated, and every session brings several best PRs. Thank you Cindy! I can’t wait for my next sessions! I’ll keep you posted and report results when I have 6 months down the road!”

Carlos Rodriguez, 35 (Brazil) / Muscle Mass Routine
Dave, Liverpool (UK)

“I contacted you back in Jan 2013 and followed your muscle mass training gained 6 Kilos in a few months and many more over the last years with unreal results. I’ll always be thankful for your program and advices: you got me started to proper strength training, loved it for the last years. When I started with your routine and went from being able to do 3 chin ups and 3 dips to respectively 12 and 10 with added 10kg and 20kg. Anyway, just writing now as I’ve seen the live training: one world, UNBELIEVABLE, so useful and to be honest the web has never seen anything like that before… so looking forward to the next one, keep strong Cindy.”

Dave, Liverpool (UK)