This is what you get:

  • Full 28 days workout program
  • Training instructions with PDF exercise book for each individual week 
  • Exact instructions for every single exercise
  • Participation in the $200 sweepstakes
  • Access to private Facebook Memberspage with weekly updates, Live Videos, Motivation and Support
  • Motivation and support from Cindy via email during the 28 day workout program

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Enter to win $200

  1. Sign up for the 28 Days Workout Challenge
  2. Upload a before picture of yourself in your account
  3. Do all the exercises for the whole 28 days as described in the workout book
  4. Take an after picture of yourself and upload it to your account

The winner will be chosen from all the entrants with their transformation. Anyone 18 years and above residing in India is eligible to participate. 

The 28 Day Workout Challenge schedule

Train three days and get your body used to the activity and movement of these five exercises.

You’re used to all the exercises now! Train three days and do three sets per exercise, new exercises added.

Train four times in week three, do four sets per exercise and we add some more exercises too!

Train four times in week four, do four sets per exercise and we reduce the break to one minute inbetween exercises and we add more exercises.