21 thoughts on “New Image Gallery online

  1. Uwe says:

    Super Bilder … Aber man sollte auch gestehen das der Markus Ernst es drauf hat ….
    Wenn ich Bilder mache dann sieht das nie so toll aus. Oder ob das am Model liegt? Wer weiß ;)

    • Cindy Landolt says:

      Lieber Uwe, danke! ja es braucht immer beide… das Model und der Fotograf.. und Markus Ernst ist wirklich TOP!!! Danke fuer deine lieben Komplimente! xx Cindy

  2. Alberto says:

    Dear Cindy, the photoshoot is amaizing I must say..You can see there is a chemestry between you and the photographer. ..You have an amaizing body And can be proud to show it….You have worked hard for it.

    Greetings from Holland


    • Cindy Landolt says:

      Dear Alberto, Im happy to hear that you like the pictures… Markus, the photographer, and I, have worked many times together now and really know each other :-) So its always fun and interesting working together as a perfect little team! :-)

  3. Ahad says:

    OH MY GOD !!! we waited toooo long for a new album, but you know? it was worth it ;) Cindy, your are amazing, not only your body, but it is your manner that shines too :))

  4. darrll says:

    Always a pleasure to read your blogs to watch your video on youtube and to follow you Beautiful as always your photos are strong with feminine side,very seductive Maybe one Day I’ll see you on the big Screen.Cindy continue to motivate people fit4life ✌enjoy your Sunday

  5. Coverdale says:

    This new gallery shots is somptuous. Great awesome feminine carving.
    On each of the 17 photos shown in this gallery, I would like lifted in cradle lift by you, because you represents the real beautiful feminine carving woman muscle.
    Really truly.

  6. Rutwik says:

    If some one asks me to define a perfect female body, then I would certainly define with just 2 words…. “Cindy Landolt”. What an inspiration you are. God Bless :)

  7. FrankR23 says:

    I don’t think there has ever been a person on this planet that had left speechless more often than you do. From head to cute toe you’re amazing and I don’t just mean your beauty (that is unequeled) but the way you carry yourself with such grace, elegance, strength and a kindness that is so rare in the world today. It really leaves me speechless and hopeful, that people like you still have exists in this world. Now I know this wouldn’t the type of comment you’d expect for a gallery like this but I just felt the need to write it. Now with all that being said

    • Cindy Landolt says:

      Dear Frank

      thank you very much for your great comment, I really appreciate it. I love sharing my passion for weight training, sports and nutrition, my fascination about the human body and what we can get from it! Having all my great trainees and followers with and around me makes me very happy! It’s nice to know that you can see this… I like People and helping them is a real pleasure! Thank you for your words, they are perfect no matter where you place them! Love, Cindy xx

  8. Jens says:

    Eine Frau wie aus dem Bilderbuch. Ist es möglich derartige Ausstrahlung, Sexappeal und Kraft in einer Person zu vereinen? Ja ist es. Wer die Bilder sieht, die hier eingestellt sind und die Bilder die bei FB und anderen Seiten im Netz zu sehen sind weiss, das es Cindy das schafft.

    • Cindy Landolt says:

      Lieber Jens

      Danke fuer deine liebe Nachricht, ich habe mich sehr darueber gefreut! Ich wuensche dir von Herzen ein super Wochenende.. danke nochmals!
      Cindy xxx

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