Blue Underwear Gallery

Cindy Landolt Blue feat

Hello to all of my training partners!

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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Enjoy your weekend, and rest well for the next training sessions!

xoxo Cindy :-)

14 thoughts on “Blue Underwear Gallery

  1. Frank Ramos says:

    Absolutely Stunning!! This gallery is just legs, legs, legs, legs and more legs to me, you claves, quads and booty are just out of this world!! So much respect for you, I know it take a lot of hard work and dedication to looks as amazing as you do. And the fact that your so busy with modeling, appearances, interview and help people get into to shape and live a healthier life make it even more impressive.

    I hope for you nothing but the best because you deserve it and much love and good vibes Cindy xoxo

  2. Jd says:

    Absolutely beautiful gallery, Cindy! You are the picture perfect amazon with those long legs and strong shoulders and perfect frame! :)

    When are you going to come out with bigger resolutions so I can keep these as wallpaper, hm? ;)

    • Cindy Landolt says:

      All my new image galleries are at least 1080p. Hope that is plenty for your wallpapers ;-) Thank you for your lovely compliments! Kisses to you! Cindy

  3. David says:

    I don’t usually comment on people’s photos, but you are absolutely stunning. You are what the gods would send to us as perfection.

  4. Shah jee says:


    I just LOG on daily to see ur wonderful PIC… I can only imagine the hardship you have gone through to achieve this perfection.. YEt so SEXY and Beautiful… IF There was a GODDESS it would be sure U..! MUUUUUUAH.. LOVE FROM PATHAN ..! and is it u personally replying to every comment :D

    • Cindy Landolt says:

      Good morning :-)
      Happy to hear that you come and visit to see me daily.. thank you :-)
      And yes, it is me personally, Cindy Landolt, that is answering personally!
      Have a great weekend! xoxo Cindy

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