Leg day at the Centurion Club Zurich



Zurich’s premier Personal Trainer Cindy Landolt workout!

Leg day at the Centurion Club, following my muscle mass routine!.. :-)

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3 thoughts on “Leg day at the Centurion Club Zurich

  1. FrankR23 says:

    You have made it so easy for me… Switzerland Is the first country I’m visiting when I go to Europe! Really want to workout at the Centurion Club! And I know I have to make an appointment

    • Cindy Landolt says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Centurion Club Frank! Apart from Zurich’s best Gym you will enjoy the City and Switzerland’s countryside a lot :-)

  2. marc kim says:

    thanks for the workout pictures I use them to check my technique. You are the one who got me started on the right path and I will never forget you! I have gained muscle, gotten leaner and I am eating much cleaner. I am on the right path (but still experimenting with my diet) to getting to my goals. Thank you again, Cindy, you are the best!

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