4 Weeks Training and Nutrition PLUS daily in person one on one guidance

$ 1'500.00

During this 4 week course you receive your custom training and nutrition plans within 3 working days after purchase. This is also the start of your 4 Week course, in which you receive every day training and nutrition tips based on the program you have received, adjusted to your goals and current condition.

VIP: ADDITIONALLY you have the chance to chat with me on a daily basis in relation to the training and nutrition plans you have received from me. (More details about the chats via messaging apps via purchase). You can send me in depth questions about your training and nutrition plans and I will answer your questions within 24 hours, every day. I will answer up to 10 questions a day and guide you step by step throughout your weeks.

In 4 weeks you understand everything in such details, you know exactly what to do to successfully train, adjust and amend your own workouts and makros and create your own training and nutrition plans. You understand what it takes to build your dream physique.