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Future Food Lab mit Andrea Staudacher

Future Food Lab mit Andrea In 6 Teilen berichtet Andrea über unser zukünftiges Essen, im speziellen auf unsere Proteineinnahme-Quellen! Fleisch muss nicht immer sein und alternativ greift sie auf Insekten zu :-) In einem der 6-teiligen Serie “Future Labs” hat Andrea mich in ihr Kochstudio eingeladen. Wir haben für mich und mein Training zielgerichtet Protein-Riegel […]

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HIT-FC European Championship Night

What a great night! Really enjoyed another great HIT-FC CHAMPTIONSHIP Night at the Maag Music Halle, Zurich! Congratulations to all the Fighters! » Denis Stojnic » Anderson Silva » Andre Nogueira » Andreas Dusek Looking forward to the next HIT-FC CHAMPIONSHIPS on 15th October 2016 at Maag Music Halle. Who is coming!!! :-) Have a […]

NEW FREE Ebook “8 for Weight loss” available NOW!

Hi everyone! Summer is getting close and I receive so many Emails on how to lose weight! Therefore I have written a new FREE Ebook with 8 of my BEST Tips on how to lose weight. TRAIN HEAVY, TRAIN HARD! Love, Cindy xoxo PS: If you haven’t downloaded my other FREE Training and nutrition plans […]

Back and Deadlift Training Session

Back and Deadlift Training Session 3 February 2015 I had a strong back workout session yesterday… Here some impressions! If you want to know how I train, download HERE my FREE Muscle Mass Routine! Have a great day everyone! xxx Cindy Download HERE FREE Training and Nutrition Tips to maximise your results!

Radio 24 Interview

Radio 24 Interview mit Cindy Landolt Good Sunday afternoon everyone :-) For those of you that understand German, please listen HERE to my Radio 24 Interview from this morning! Have a lovely Sunday! xxx Cindy By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube